The advantages of MiClean
  • Excellent cleaning
  • European Ecolabel certified
  • Fermentation product
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmental friendly
  • High quality quarenteed 
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Unique properties

Unique properties

MiClean® is ready to use, no dilution or other additional preparation is required which makes it very user-friendly.

Our beachhead market is the poultry industy. The aim of our innovation is to relieve poultry farms and consumers of worries of the food safety of eggs. A product recall is extremely costly and can cause irreversible damage. Therefore, selecting the best natural raw materials and biological products during the production is very important.
We offer MiClean, which is produced by fermentation and with the use of natural ingredients. Next to the outstanding cleaning performance, the low foam and high wetting properties allows MiClean to penetrate and clean small corners and gaps extremely well.
MiClean is biodegradable and fully complies with European Ecolabel requirements. MiClean is an environmentally friendly cleaning product produced by 99.9% natural raw materials in an environmentally friendly process.
Together with the University of Ghent and Charles River Laboratories, we peform the safety assesment for MiClean.