When to apply Miclean

It is recommended is to spray the whole housing system 2-3 times with 3-5 days between each spray to reach the maximum effect. 

How to apply MiClean

  • MiClean is supplied ready to use. No dilution or other additional preparation is required
  • Use the standard spray equipment
  • Shake well before use
  • Allowed to be used in the presence of laying hens in every stage of the production process
  • Thoroughly spray the surfaces of the housing system, focus especially on the areas where red mite like to hide
  • Check the effectivity and repeat treatment if necessary
The advantages of MiClean
  • Assessment of Dutch governmental inspection institute ILT: no biocide registration required
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Control of red mite population without chemicals
  • Made from natural products
  • Can be used in the presence of laying hens
  • EU ecolabel certified.
  • No risk of resistance building
  • Easy to use 
  • Safe for consumers, animals  and workers
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