What we do

What we do

We believe that the sustainability of agriculture needs to be redefined beyond traditional measures and genetic engineering. 

At NovioPonics, we develop and produce sustainable products for the horticulture and animal industry.

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Our Products


MiClean® is a ‘green treatment’ for poultry farms. It is used to improve the biosecurity of poultry housing facilities and to effectively control Red Mite infestations via physical encapsulation. The product is biodegradable and fully complies with European Ecolabel requirements. Due to its fermentation-origin nature and very low toxicity, it fits perfectly in the trend towards a sustainable and safe animal husbandry.


APonics (product in development) is an innovative, sustainable adjuvant for pesticides. After adding APonics into pesticides, its unique thermoreversible property enables the complete mixture to be liquid at low temperature and forms a gel at higher temperatures. With the use of APonics, we create a slow release system of the pesticides.

Our team

Drs. Hans Hanssen


Linde Zhou, Msc.


Dr. Yongjun Men


Ir. Francoise de Goeijen