About NovioPonics

We believe that the sustainability of agriculture needs to be redefined beyond traditional measures and genetic engineering. Our team consists of professionals dedicated to positively impact the horticulture and poultry industry using smart science & technology.

At NovioPonics, we develop products to help the  food industry with sustainable food production, maintaining the safety and quality of food. The team of NovioPonics is a good mixture of general business know-how and experience obtained in industries varying from chemical to agrofood.

NovioPonics is a spin-off of NovioCap BV, which is a private incubator located at the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. NovioCap has developed a portfolio of high-tech companies (e.g. NovioSense BV, NovioScan BV, NovioPonics BV) and supports in accelerating their businesses. NovioCap has a lot of experience with starting high-tech companies and has a broad network with both private, and academic and institutional organizations. 

Our Team

Drs. Hans Hanssen


Linde Zhou, Msc.


Dr. Yongjun Men


Ir. Francoise de Goeijen


Advisory Board

Dr. Johan van de Ven

Business Advisor

Dr. René Aerts

Scientific Advisor